About Us

Our Mission

Justice Without Borders creates transnational lifelines to legal aid for victims of labour exploitation and human trafficking, so that they can seek rightful compensation, even after returning home.

Our Stakeholders

As a regional organisation, we work with front-line aid organisations, caseworkers, government agencies, law firms, lawyers, law students, legal aid associations and university clinical legal education programmes to provide our services. Our funders ensure that we can continue our work, and we are immensely thankful for their support.

Our Impact

We have helped migrant domestic workers who have been the victims of abuse, wage theft, overcharging and exploitation. Our pursuit of civil litigation against their employers and employment agencies for legal violations has resulted in compensation amounting up to 2 years’ worth of salary for our clients. We have pioneered innovative legal strategies, developed research, and launched ground-breaking test cases in this unexplored area of the law, so that more workers can benefit.

2017 Annual Report

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  • Developing Working Partnerships
  • Networks

    We are developing working partnerships among law firms, caseworkers, community organisations, government agencies and migrant workers across Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines.


  • Pioneering Legal Strategies
  • Knowledge

    Many legal problems that migrant workers face in Hong Kong and Singapore are new questions in the law. Our legal research and practical guides help to address these novel challenges, even before cases get to court.

    Our Publications


  • Empowering Caseworkers
  • Know-How

    As practitioners know, the law on paper and the law in practice are very different things. Our hands-on approach to cases leads to good practices that our law firm and NGO partners can leverage to help literally thousands of migrant workers.