Driving Sustainable Growth – Our Three-Year Plan

March 24, 2022
Category: Communications

The past nine years since Justice Without Borders’ founding have brought us from an initial idea to actual impact across 4 countries.  To drive our mission further, we have charted our strategic plan for the next three years, building upon key lessons learned in our journey.

Since our inception, we have been laser focused on advancing access to justice for migrant domestic workers, even after they return home. We seek to ensure they can claim compensation and hold bad actors accountable no matter where the worker goes next. Although overseas claims are not easy, we have proven that they are possible. Our experience is key to now turning the “extraordinary” of cross-border claims into the “ordinary”.

Much of our three-year plan is driven by sustainability. Our strategic priorities are two pronged – programmatic and organisational.

Our programmatic priorities are to scale up our impact to ensure access to justice is as mobile as our clients, to strengthen our litigation by making the process of securing compensation more efficient, effective and affordable and to expand so we can meet demand across the region.

Scale up our impact

In more tactical terms, we aim to focus on expanding our work from just ourselves to seeing organisations across the whole sector engage in our work. We intend to advance our frontline mentorship programmes to make skills transfer more lasting with our case worker mentees, to cultivate larger cohorts of partners and to coordinate solutions to increase engagement with frontline partners.

Strengthen our litigation

We are launching a new stepwise framework to make cross-border claims more efficient, effective and affordable. This new framework will guide us and our partners in addressing the barriers to access to justice in a more strategic and impactful fashion.  Doing so will help us prepare for a potential wave of clients post-covid, when many will return home.

Expand our reach

The Philippines is home to nearly half of the 640,000+ domestic workers who work in Singapore and Hong Kong, so it is vital that we are there on the ground. When the pandemic eases, we aim to complete our expansion into the Philippines, so that we have offices across all of our migration routes. We then are planning for future expansion in the region as well. 

With our tenth anniversary around the corner next year, sustainability is key to ensuring that we are in a good place to reach our twentieth anniversary thereafter. 

Build the JWB Team

We aim to continue improving how we recruit and retain our team, develop our Board of Directors further to grow competencies and build greater diversity amongst our governing team. Communications and infrastructure growth are also planned to meet the needs of an organisation that is aiming for long-term impact.


Our funding sources will also need to be sustainable as our work often goes beyond the 1 -2 years funding cycle. That means in the next three years, we will devote time to growing our funding sources across individuals, corporations, foundations and governmental sources.

We could not have achieved all that we have without the dedication of our people and the aid from our supporters here in the region and across the world. Our hope is that our services will one day no longer be needed, but as we stand today, much more needs to be done.  Our Three-Year Plan will bring us closer to achieving our goal.  We believe all of this work is achievable if you join with us.

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