Justice Without Border can help you claim compensation if you:

  • Are a migrant worker from Indonesia or the Philippines;
  • Worked in Singapore or Hong Kong, or planning to leave shortly;
  • Have sufficient evidence of a wrongdoing;
  • Are not facing criminal investigation or conviction;
  • Have returned home or are planning to return home but,
  • Want to seek compensation for any of the reasons below:

Overcharging of Agency Fees

  • If you are working in Singapore, and you paid more than 2 months of your salary in agency fees for a 2-year contract (Agency in home country not included)
  • If you are working in Hong Kong, and you paid more than 10% of your first month’s salary in placement fees.

Salary Disagreements

  • If your employer or agency underpaid you
  • Or forced you to sign a new contract with a lower salary

Bad Working Conditions

  • If your employer did not give you enough food
  • Or deprived you of sleep
  • Or mistreated you

No Rest Day

  • If you do not get a rest day each week
  • Or do not get one day’s salary in return each time

Having to Work Outside the Home (Illegal Deployment)

  • If your employer makes you work at their shop or office
  • Or at their friend/relative’s house
  • Or any place that is not approved in your work permit


  • If your employer physically hurts you
  • Or sexually abuses you
  • Or threatens to physically hurt you

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