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Justice Without Borders (JWB), Singapore Office is Inviting Applications for Our New Legal Programme Lead

 Justice Without Borders (JWB) seeks a Legal Programme Lead to join its team in Singapore. This role will lead JWB’s local litigation and research portfolio and support ongoing outreach and legal awareness programmes for domestic workers from Indonesia and the Philippines.

Note updated salary amount below.

About Justice Without Borders

We are a regional not-for-profit organisation that works to enable access to just compensation for victims of labour exploitation and human trafficking, even after they return home. In just seven years, we have been able to achieve groundbreaking results for those who need help the most. As demand for our work grows, we are looking to expand our team to answer the growing needs of the migrant workers we support.

Focusing on key countries in the Asia-Pacific region, our work includes legal support for clients (including litigation and research), capacity building for community organisations on the ground, and network building that brings together pro bono law firms and community service organizations. Our work is all aimed at building access to justice that is efficient, effective and affordable for migrant workers, no matter where they happen to be. Learn more at


Strategic Litigation & Strategic Legal Research

Overseeing JWB Singapore’s entire suite of Strategic Litigation and Strategic Legal Research portfolio across different migration routes in the region, including:

  • Strategizing around JWB’s portfolio of cases and research in a way that aligns with and furthers JWB’s mission and approach
  • Ensuring that individual cases and research projects are managed and processed as effectively, efficiently and affordably as possible, and that lessons learnt are leveraged to the best advantage of JWB’s mission
  • Building and fronting effective working relationships with JWB’s partners across the region and proactively identifying and developing opportunities for collaboration

Building and Strengthening a Developing Legal Team

JWB Singapore’s Strategic Litigation and Strategic Legal Research portfolio is currently run by one permanent staff member and a rotating pool of student and adult volunteers in Singapore. The Legal Programme Lead will be instrumental in managing current volunteers, while building up a team of long-term volunteers to ensure continuous support for JWB’s Legal Programme. This entails:

  • Training volunteers to assist in litigation, research and legal awareness programmes
  • Managing student-run collaborations with educational institutes in Singapore
  • Building, training and coordinating a team of long-term volunteers to ensure continuity in JWB’s litigation and research portfolio work

Supporting JWB’s Legal Awareness Programs

The Legal Programme Lead will play a supporting role in JWB SG’s Legal Awareness Programmes, including:

  • Drafting curriculums for legal awareness programmes
  • Helping to execute legal awareness programmes

Note that the Legal Programme Lead will take an initial lead in our exciting new Legal Awareness Mentorship Programme (“Mentorship”), sponsored by Merck, that will run from August 2021 to April 2022.

We will be recruiting additional support for this project, but the Legal Programme Lead will initially lead the project. JWB senior staff will support the Legal Programme Lead to get up to speed on the programme. Activities involve:

  • Overseeing the execution of the Mentorship with the help of volunteers
  • Overseeing the monitoring and evaluation of the Mentorship
  • Coordinating with all stakeholders involved in the Mentorship while it is ongoing

Reporting on Programme Activities and Outcomes 

  • Maintaining up to date information relating to JWB’s Litigation and Research portfolio
  • Providing qualitative and quantitative input on areas of the Legal Programme Lead’s work that are required for project proposals and funding reports



  • Strong legal background in Singapore law, with a degree in law (e.g LLB, JD, LLM)
  • Passion and commitment to social justice and human rights
  • Fluent in English with excellent writing, communications and presentation skills
  • Based in and eligible to work in Singapore–those requiring visas or LOC are not eligible




  • Strategizing capabilities
  • Have effective project and time management skills
  • Be conscientious (self-directed and able to follow through on tasks and responsibilities diligently, correctly and independently)
  • Exhibit leadership/management skills
  • Strong interpersonal skills and a desire to collaborate with different stakeholders
  • Sensitivity in approaching clients (e.g. gender & cultural sensitivity, sensitivity in dealing with vulnerable people, including people with potential trauma etc.)
  • Team player and desire to work as part of an international team that includes pro-bono volunteers and law students
    Willingness to learn and to go beyond one’s comfort zone (we operate in a niche with many unexplored areas)

Desirable Experience (but not critical)

  • Experience with migrant worker issues
  • Experience working in NGO/not-for-profit mission-driven organisations
  • Experience working in growing organisations
  • Experience working with vulnerable people
  • Experience managing and developing a team of volunteers
  • Fluency in spoken and written Bahasa Indonesia or Tagalog




  • Full-time position
  • Salary range between $4,400-$5,200 SGD per month; remuneration depending on the experience level of the candidate concerned
  • Professional development and paid time off included
  • Aiming to fill the position as soon as we’ve found the right candidate
  • JWB is an equal opportunity employer.

Note: Justice Without Borders and its staff do not provide any legal advice or engage in any activities reserved for those with legal practice certification. Our law firm partners carry out all such work.

What should I do to apply? 

Please send a cover letter, CV and writing sample to Douglas MacLean, Executive Director via


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