Justice Without Borders (JWB) Celebrates 10 Years of Empowering Women Migrant Domestic Workers with Cross-border Access to Justice

September 1, 2023
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JWB commemorates its 10th Year Anniversary with supporters and migrant workers who has made all possible

[Hong Kong, August 2023 – Justice Without Borders (JWB)], a regional non-profit organisation advancing cross-border access to legal assistance for victims of labour exploitation and human trafficking, is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. Throughout the past decade, JWB has been at the forefront of empowering women migrant domestic workers (MDWs) to hold their exploiter accountable and continue their journey to justice and compensation, even after they leave their countries of employment. The organisation’s success is built upon the principles of collective action enabling meaningful sustainable impact and capacity building.

Collective impact is a cornerstone of JWB’s model, as it strives to foster a community of individuals and organisations dedicated to serving vulnerable women migrant workers. This community comprises JWB staff, board members, MDWs, community leaders, frontline migrant worker aid organisations, partner organisations, donors and supporters. Each member plays a vital role in achieving the shared goal of justice and empowerment. 

As JWB commemorates its 10th anniversary, it aims to develop sustainable impact by building the capacities of local frontline organisations, replicating its proven model in other migration corridors in the region and building financial sustainability. By doing so, JWB can continue its vital mission of increasing cross-border access to legal aid and litigation for women migrant workers. To join JWB in their celebrations and to show support for women migrant domestic workers, purchase tickets here.

Mr. Douglas MacLean, Executive Director of Justice Without Borders said:

“2023 marks our 10th year of operations and the start of our second decade of service. It comes on the heels of nearly three years of Covid-19 conditions, where our casework grew to new heights while we all sheltered in place. We are now looking to impart our experiences in the field to the dozens of community organisations across our region who serve domestic workers.”

JWB has achieved several milestones over the past decade, including:

  • 2014: Established first office in Singapore and published a Practitioner’s Manual for Migrant Workers in partnership with the National University of Singapore Law Faculty’s Pro Bono Group.
  • 2015: Established a second office in Hong Kong and secured settlements for two abused domestic workers in its first cross-border cases in Singapore.
  • 2016: Established a third office in Indonesia, and expanded cross-border casework for workers returning from Hong Kong and Singapore.
  • 2017-2018: Signed an agreement with the Indonesia Ministry of Foreign Affairs to support Indonesian domestic workers overseas and those who have returned home, and secured the first video link trial at the Hong Kong Labour Tribunal.
  • 2019: Facilitated first ‘reverse cross-border’ mass claim, by 16 Indonesian domestic workers in Hong Kong against illegal agency fees charged in Jakarta.
  • 2020: Achieved successful High Court appeal, launched online training programs during the pandemic, and held national public discussions on women migrant workers’ rights.
  • 2021: Launched our first year-long mentorship programs, achieved successful claim against a bankrupt employer, and secured successful video link trial in Singapore.
  • 2022: Completed full-fledged mentorship program and applied for Hong Kong’s first overseas death inquest for a domestic worker.

This year, JWB has achieved two significant milestones:

  • Litigation milestone: Secured a HK$115,000 settlement, JWB’s largest in Hong Kong, for a migrant worker discriminated against due to disabilities.
  • Training milestones: Completed 6 training interventions with over 8 Indonesian frontline partners, equipping them with effective skills on cross-border legal assistance for migrant workers.

“A Decade of Justice, Without Borders” is JWB’s tagline for its 10th anniversary, JWB remains dedicated to empowering women migrant domestic workers, creating sustainable change, and fostering a sense of togetherness within its community. By prioritising sustainability and impactful actions, JWB aims to build a future where justice knows no borders and women migrant domestic workers can access their rights and legal opportunities no matter where they are. Together, we can make a lasting difference in the lives of women migrant workers and shape a more equitable world.

For media inquiries, please contact:
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About Justice Without Borders

Founded in 2013, Justice Without Borders (JWB) is a regional non-profit advancing transnational access to legal assistance for migrant workers. Focusing on those who have suffered labour exploitation and human trafficking, we address the unique strategic and logistical issues that lawyers and clients face in bringing cross-border claims.  We also work to scale up our impact by imparting our expertise to a growing network of frontline NGOs, law firm partners, and government agencies, so others can take on the work of cross-border access to justice.   

Justice Without Borders, because justice should be just as mobile as migrant workers. 

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