Who We Are

September 6, 2016

Justice Without Borders (JWB) is a not-for-profit organisation that supports victims of labour exploitation and human trafficking in seeking just compensation against their abusers, even after returning home. Operating at the regional level, we work with local support organisations along key migration routes to ensure victims can access legal aid, wherever they are. By building cross-border networks, knowledge and know-how, JWB seeks to empower victims of human trafficking and exploitation to pursue legal remedies against their abusers in targeted host countries.


JWB provides direct logistic and legal support to ongoing cases, as well as original strategic research for front-line practitioners. We catalogue the lessons learned from cross-border cases to improve client services and to support legal and policy advocacy aimed at advancing migrants’ fundamental rights.

Who We Help

Individuals are increasingly migrating across borders for work. Many face exploitation, from unpaid wages to outright human trafficking. With legal aid, victims can seek redress in the host country. However, many migrants return home before they can pursue a case. They give up, lose contact, and the case drops. A cross-border support network that understands international legal aid is vital to ensuring a real chance at compensation exists. Unfortunately, these networks are underdeveloped in the region.

Our Stakeholders

Our first and most important stakeholders are victims of labour exploitation and human trafficking. As a region-wide coordinating and strategic litigation organization, we also work closely with those who provide direct service on the ground. These key partners include migrant aid organisations, university clinical legal education programmes and their law students, lawyers, and legal aid associations in targeted host and home countries. We are also immensely thankful to our generous supporters, who provide the investments we need to make access to just compensation a reality.

Where We Work

JWB focuses on civil litigation in the host jurisdictions of Singapore and China (Hong Kong S.A.R), where the rule of law is strong, and where victims have sustained the most significant financial damages. Our host countries exhibit high rates of labour migration, while our target home countries of Indonesia and the Philippines have civil society organizations and legal aid that can support host country lawyers in collecting evidence and maintaining client contact.