2017 Annual Report

Published on: June 28, 2018 Language: English Type: Annual Reports

We accelerated our expansion across the region as our offices in Hong Kong, Singapore and Indonesia connected greater numbers of migrant workers with transnational lifelines to legal aid. We also launched groundbreaking litigation and further developed community-level capacity to help workers with transnational claims.

Highlights from our 2017 Annual Report

  • Pioneered research & litigation in Hong Kong courts on video conferencing for victims abroad
  • Exceptional growth in casework with 49 cases developed on behalf of migrant workers with civil claims
  • Equipped communities across the region with the tools needed to facilitate cross-border civil claims for migrant workers, with over 240 caseworkers, paralegals and lawyers trained in total.
  • Developed partnerships with six branches of the largest union for Indonesian migrant workers, Serikat Buruh Migran Indonesia (SBMI).
  • Signed Memorandum of Understanding with the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to provide case support services to their diplomatic missions abroad, in our first major agreement with a national government.