2022 Annual Report

Published on: June 21, 2023 Language: English Type: Annual Reports

2022 was a refreshing year for JWB. As the world gradually opens up, we reconnected with our partners to grow the community that supports migrant workers in pursuit of justice and enhances their skills to help. We also completed transnational cases that set precedents and best practices for helping the migrant worker community. Check out our report to learn our key impacts and accomplishments this year.

Key milestones in 2022:

1.     Training milestone: completed our first full-fledged mentorship programme for Indonesian caseworkers across the country

2.     Training milestone: completed our first global outreach to western pro-bono lawyers at the 2022 PILNet Global Forum.

3.     Litigation milestone: Orchestrated Hong Kong’s first overseas death inquest for a domestic worker. Brought closure to a grieving family and piloted best practices for future cases.

4.     Litigation milestone: First video link trial in Hong Kong concluded successfully after six years, recovering compensation for the worker.


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