Safe Migration Procedure

Published on: January 12, 2023 Language: English Type: Strategic Legal Research

Safe Migration is the movement of workers obeying the laws and regulations from departure to travel, transit, and arrival at the destination in the host country, it is a crucial process protecting the rights of migrant domestic workers. However, nearly 50% of Indonesian domestic migrant workers took the illegal route for cheaper placement costs and efficiency, suffering from overwork and even torture.

Together with Ginting & Reksodiputro, Allen & Overy LLP, JWB has launched our strategic legal research on “Safe Migration Procedure for Migrant Domestic Workers”. The Research focuses on the compilation of sets of Indonesian laws and regulations regarding Indonesia migrant workers’ migration procedure and issues, including rights and responsibilities, which is divided into 3 broad parts: pre-departure, during work abroad, and post-employment / repatriation. It aims to raise awareness of safe migration, as a preventive measure for departing migrant workers. The research also serves as a summary for frontline organizations and paralegals so they are aware of the procedural process.

To view the highlight version of the research, click HERE.

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