Local Research for International Claims

April 12, 2017

“Migrant workers are mobile while the law stands still”

CIVIL LITIGATION for migrant workers is a relatively 123new field, particularly in Singapore and Hong Kong, where JWB currently works. The often high barriers migrant workers encounter in using the courts mean that many issues specific to labour exploitation have never been considered in the civil context, making it difficult to predict what remedies may be possible for victims, particularly those who must bring suit from abroad.

In partnership with law firms, law faculty, and legal fellows, JWB is conducting original strategic research to address the legal questions affecting migrant workers.

Here are some of our latest papers:

  1. Protecting Low Wage Foreign Workers in Singapore from Bait-and-Switch Contracts (March 2017, Singapore). A legal strategies paper for lawyers helping migrant workers with contract substitution, particularly in cases where the In-Principle Approval is available.
  2. A Guide to Evidence Collection (March 2017, Singapore). A guide for lawyers and caseworkers to test new avenues and spark ideas for evidence collection in migrant worker litigation.
  3. A Guide to Remote Video Link for Migrant Workers  (July 2017, Hong Kong). A guide for practical steps to enable migrant domestic workers to apply for video link evidence in Hong Kong courts.

Photo attribution: wp paarz via Flickr and Justice Without Borders, respectively.