Eva Maria Putri Salsabila

Head of Office, Indonesia

Eva Maria Putri Salsabila, "Salsa," is JWB Indonesia's Head of Office. Graduating with a Bachelor's degree in Law from the University of Indonesia, Salsa has demonstrated a profound interest in addressing the challenges faced by migrant workers. With a seamless transition from her previous role as a Legal Officer, Salsa now oversees casework management, outreach initiatives, and plays a pivotal role in the development of capacity building programmes. Her passion for supporting communities of practice in cross-border access to justice for migrant workers is evident through her meticulous planning and execution of various training interventions. From short-term training to extensive year-long mentorship programs for frontline partners, Salsa and the Indonesia team equips them with essential casework skills and share their knowledge with others. Salsa hopes to keep contributing in driving sustainable growth and positive change in the migrant worker communities.