Eva Maria Putri Salsabila

Head of Office, Indonesia

Eva Maria Putri Salsabila, “Salsa”, is the Head of Office for JWB in Indonesia. She leads the Indonesia team in developing its case work and strategic legal research, as well as outreach and capacity building.

Salsa graduated from the University of Indonesia with a Bachelor’s degree in Law. She has authored over 10 books, and her passion for writing and social issues spurred her interest in research. She has conducted research on migrant workers, child marriage, sexual violence, and legal aid, and has been invited by the University of Leiden to present her research based on her undergraduate thesis about access of information for women migrant workers during the pre-departure phase.

During her time in university, she spent three years in the student executive board, conducting advocacy on human rights and social-political issues in Indonesia. In an effort to make her university a safer place, Salsa co-founded a crisis centre and hotline for sexual violence in her university.