“Accessing Hong Kong Courts from Abroad” Manual Launch Event

On 5 July 2017, JWB Hong Kong launched its strategic legal research guide, “Accessing Justice from Abroad: Strategic Guide to Remote Video Link for Migrant Workers.”

A first of its kind, the guide provides practical steps to enable migrant domestic workers to apply to give evidence via video link in Hong Kong courts after they return home.

Legal research and practical guides like this, that are focused on migrant worker issues, are often new questions in the law and undeveloped. JWB channels a significant amount of its resources in researching and developing this knowledge, and sharing them with our law firm partners so that more lawyers can be trained to help migrant workers seek access to justice.

Moderator Belinda Law from JWB led the discussion with panellists JWB Executive Director Douglas MacLean, Dechert’s Kylee Zhu, and Dechert’s Fabian Roday. 25 guests from local non-profit organisations and law firms attended an engaging panel discussion, followed by a lively networking session.

Our Guide is available for free here: http://bit.ly/2udAPAH